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Madison is a Koken portfolio theme featuring a fixed navigation column alongside a fluid, scrollable main column. Content loads and fades-in as the user scrolls; allowing for deep collections of content without sacrificing page speed. Madison comes with a variety of style presets and loads of customization controls (see below) that can be easily edited without any HTML experience.

Madison displays images, videos, albums and sets using either a mosaic grid or list layout. You can see an example of the former on this site's front page (displaying featured content), and an example of the latter on album pages like this one. You may edit the layouts inside the Site editor and the edits will apply to all similar content presented using the template. 

The side column (which may be displayed on the left or right) can display up to three navigation groups, each of which is editable. One of Madison's unique features is the nesting of set links, which you can see by clicking "America". This set link reveals the albums it contains from the Koken library. If you don't want a nested link setup, you may turn this off and a template will load display the album links instead.

Madison's front page displays featured content by default. You have the option however of replacing this page with any other page on your site, or using one of the alternate "Splash" templates included with the theme. Splash templates display a full-screen slideshow of either featured content (individual images) or featured albums (album covers). When using the latter, clicks on images can lead to album pages.

View this site or any Madison site using a smartphone or tablet and you'll notice that Madison's layout automatically adjusts to the dimensions of the device's screen. This all happens automatically, so as a publisher there's nothing you need to configure for your site to be accessible to every type of device. It's also worth pointing out that Koken automatically publishes smaller, mobile-optimized images for these smaller display types as well as high-resolution "retina" versions automatically.

Want to learn more about Madison? We discuss more technical details about the theme in this guide. To see third party sites using Madison, check out these examples. Also, feel free to visit our Help Center and ask a question if one comes to mind.